Not yet. 

These two words represent a powerful philosophy of positivity studied by renown psychologist Carol Dweck. 

Dweck is a pioneer and strong advocate behind the concept of growth mindset - the belief that through effort, our abilities are constantly developed and not fixed. 

In one study, Dweck found that when students were given a grade of “not yet,” rather than a letter grade to show they did not pass a course, their response to difficulty transformed.

This led them on a path into their future that created greater persistence and resilience when they faced challenges. She witnessed these students respond with more effort, more strategy, and deeper engagement over longer periods of time. They processed, learned, and corrected. 

Essentially this theory demonstrates that every time we push outside of our comfort zone, neurons create new and stronger connections in the brain that were not present before. 

NOT YET ignites both optimism and effort. These two words reinforce a simple truth: that we are on a constant journey of possibilities, not a dead end.

But the effort and approach is on us.

Carol Dweck
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