WILL-V was built to support growth.

We are deeply inspired by the benefits of consistent effort and progress.

Our goal is to elevate performance and well-being by optimizing the power of the mind and body.


Our product is deliberately created to support a balanced lifestyle between movement and rest. A transition we deem necessary for maximizing performance and well-being.

From travel and leisure to performance and recovery, we take a versatile approach of doing more with less.

We prioritize usage.


We prioritize the discovery and use of premium, high-functioning fabrics that provide comfort and durability.

Pictured here is our main supplier outside of Milan, Italy. A family-owned business with a rich history, they create with innovation and integrity at their core to produce technical, and sustainable fabrics that are rigorously tested for maximum performance.

They are recognized internationally not only for their quality, but the low-environmental impact of their processes. 


Our fabrics are BLUESIGN certified.

BLUESIGN represents the vision and mindset of responsible and sustainable manufacturing of textile consumer products. The BLUESIGN certification guarantees a conscious production process, with safe and sustainable work environment.

BLUESIGN tracks the path of every single fabric along all the production process, improving each step, and enhancing the efforts towards more sustainable processes.


We proudly manufacture our products in the USA. We are inspired by the strength and resiliency of this city and country. We move forward with both gratitude and optimism for opportunity.